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Title Investigation of Property.

Title is often a legal term. it means the ownership of the property. When search of the ownership is done upto the person who owns it, it is called the Investigation of Identify.

Investigation on the ownership of the property is commissioned by the advocate at the sub-registrar office, to track out documented papers in relation to the exact property from past 25 years and older. If your related papers aren’t accessible from your preceding office, the owner’s advocate can be requested to supply required copies of the same. can be investigated from the municipal corporation to find out if there are any liabilities of the property which includes taxes, water charges etc.

Background verification can be done commonly to secure the exact property is indeed from the name of the same person selling,
totally free of liens, mortgage loans and other constraints, ensure property taxes are paid that exact property is not engaged others legal conflicts. the seller of the property/land has to satisfactorily prove that there is no liability on the property, without which the investor would not risk to take a chance purchasing the property.


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Commercial Contracts

A commercial contract refers to a legally mandatory agreement between parties in which they are obligated to do or restrain from doing particular things. Commercial contracts can be written, verbal, or implied in a formal or an informal manner. Commercial contract can include all aspects of a business, such as hiring, wages,  leases,  loans and employee safety. A breach of commercial contract takes place when a contracting party fails to live up to the agreements.

Title Report.

A Title Report traces the history of the property finding important facts like who was the original owners of the property, where and how it has been transferred over time before reaching the present seller. It also traces out any charges or constraints created on the property and the present status, That is whether the charges have been paid and the property released or if there are some charges pending. This search on the title of the property is for a period of the past 30 years.

What is covered under this ‘Title Report?

1. Property Registration details with document, register and page number.
2. Legal description with the original actual property along with plot map/survey match.
3. Previous property ownership record with chain of possession of property.
4. Actual possession, right of way and obligations, if any .
5. encumbrance including all open mortgages / deeds of trust, assignments, all other instruments exist to mortgage/deed of trust,      judgments and filings.
6.  A non encumbrance certificate is then issued by an advocate.
7. Civil Court records search, if property suspected to be in litigation.
8. Foreclosure search, if any
9. Mortgage search, if any
10. Various Taxes paid search.
11. Usage certification- can be used for residential / commercial purpose.
12. Bankruptcy Search, if any
13. Municipal records search and dues.

Conveyance Deeds.

A deed is a written document that is sealed, signed and delivered by both the parties buyer and seller. It is a contractual document that includes legally valid terms, and is enforceable in a court of law. It is mandatory that a deed should be in writing, and that both parties involved must sign the document.

A conveyance deed is necessary wherein the seller transfers all rights to legally own, keep and enjoy a particular asset, immovable or movable. In this case the assets under consideration are immovable namely property.

Title Verification.

“When search is conducted unto the property of the person who owns it, it is called the Verification of Title”

Verification of title is very important since the ownership of the property is required to be complete, fair & free from any doubts, risks & interest. To over come this, an investigation is definitely needed so that a purchaser can take all necessary steps at the time of acquiring property to obtain a good & clear title of the land. The investigation is carried out broadly to ensure that the property is indeed in the name of the person selling, is free from liens, mortgages and encumbrances, that the property tax has been fully paid up to date and that the property is not engaged in any legal conflicts.